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     The Start

     Behind every start there is hard work and a lot of efforts. And every new corporation or foundation has its own uniqueness, glamour, and its own kind of magic, specially if it's relying on a long history of fine products, which our company (Alpha Matar ) is proud to posses.




When we thought of elevators project we first thought of how can the client feel safe in our elevator, from here comes the branch of safetness and how can we guarantee it , so we started studying the  safty ways in the elevators & this is the most thing we were and still concerned of.

Also we thought of how can we combine between high quality and also low cost of the components of the lifts.

We succeeded in fulfilling the above needs specially in manufacturing elevators cabins. We have different kinds of elevators cabins . 



  Its capacity varies from 4 passengers, 6 passengers, and 8 passengers, and so on, until 30 passengers.
And it is characterized with internal beauty, comfort means, and passenger's safety in our lifts (ascenseurs).

-Panoramic Elevators

  It is for vertical transportation in places that have big fields of vision or in malls in order to see the different stores and products during going up or down.

Our architects are especially clever in designing these special architectural styles in cabin that astonished the passengers. In this elevator, our architects proved that innovation never stops or recur.


   A semi-circular panoramic elevator consistent with the circular style of decoration. The cabin is designed according to the modern innovations, from the first look you can see the consistency of the color of the external walls with the floors, and its congruity with natural colors


For transportation of goods, furniture, etc. Therefor, we must take into consideration if it is inside a factory, or the goods must be inspected, because according to this , the dimensions of the elevators are determined, as well as the door, and the floor's type. However, human safety and comfort are taken into consideration because there are always some persons accompanying the goods in our lifts.


 Specializing in vertical transportation of hospital patients as it easily accommodates patients beds with a capacity of about 8 occupants or 640 Kilograms. The ventilation is good and the communication with the hospital is maintained. The lifts are nicely decorated including stainless steel walls. and the following features are preferred:

  • The dimensions of the elevator (ascenseur) is consistent with the patients transportation beds.
  • The walls are stainless steel, and the floor is vinyl.
  • Presence of enough ventilation.
  • Direct contact with the reception and the operation room or intensive care .



Elevators installed for the purposes of transporting foodstuff from kitchens to where it is prepared to be introduced. These elevators are small in size and capacity. Our company has installed this type of elevators (ascenseurs) in a lot of villas, hospitals and palaces.



  For vertical transportation of books, documents, and files in the main while avoiding the disadvantages of manual transportation, with rapid and secure transportation. It is very close to the dumb waiter from the technical side of the lift.





As for the elevators (ascenseurs) cabins we did a lot of effort to guarantee special  unique style & client comfort.

We have different designs of the elevators (ascenseurs) cabins like

*Panoramic elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins  as explained above.

*Light elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins 

    The internal design of our elevators derived its importance from our conviction that life is like a real continuous play and we are its heroes. And that’s why we shouldn't feel like strangers in the middle of the decorations of life. The decoration must be consistent with our personalities and our nature, and that’s what we are concerned about, in Alpha Matar. Decoration isn't a luxury anymore, it became a part of us, we breath in it, live in it, wherever our lives becomes more beautiful.
    A special design, you can see the yellow color in it through the splendid reflection of lights. The innovation here is specially felt in the lights, as you have to stop and think more than once in the paradox that lies in its design.

A floor that gets your attention, with luminous corners to get as much utility from spaces as we can, and that reflects the beauty of the walls and the floor.

*Wood elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins 

     A warm and vigor design, gives a feeling of relief and safety, this design was specially derived from a fine taste always searching for idealism and perfection

*Goods elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins

*Stainless Steel elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins 

   The illusionary suggestions in the ceiling and the corners is reflected on the lighting to add magic and glamour to the walls.

Our architect gives priority in their designs to the realityof the place, in applying and executing their marvelous ideas.    

The designs that fits the place is always relying on making the light an extension for the beauty of the wall's colors, that makes you find special pleasure in looking at this system of beauty. 

*Islamic elevators (ascenseurs) Cabins 

   Successive stations of fine taste, which penetrate the wall of routine in the world of decoration. The features of this elevator integrated with fine architecture to reach this marvelous achievement.

*Other Designs

   The Pharaoh-style elevator with the engraved wood ,and the feeling of the Egyptian civilization.

    The ceiling is an illusionary extension for the walls, with architectural splitting reflects the fine taste. As we believe in decoration as the art which achieve harmony between different elements.

Last but not least we hope  you enjoy transportation through our unique lifts.