Professor:Ahmed El Erian
(Former dean of faculty of engineering-Cairo University)
     We are proud that we have respectable companies like Alpha Matar for elevators. I felt -- while I was dealing with them for long years -- their dedication to achieve their clients requires, the accuracy, capability of their maintenance systems, the presence of more than one hundred engineer, worker, technician, and employee, all of them are dedicated to their company, and that provide the company with continuity and excellence, and gives us (the clients) a high standard of performance, in installments and maintenance.
Therefore, I wasn't surprised with the gradual and constant success of Alpha Matar.


Professor: Zaki Hawas
(former dean of faculty of engineering,Ein Shams university)

        Alpha Matar elevators company is characterized other than the capability of its engineers,tools and equipments characterized with fine taste in its car-lifts,in such a manner that made their elevators not just a mean of transportation,but also a comfortable,grand and a safe mean of transportation.I tried their elevators myself,as I have one of their elevators at home from 18 years ago.
Therefore,I would like to convey to my colleagues and students the confidence I have in this company,and trust is something like diamond,can't be broken or scratched,and Alpha
   Matar Company is more than worthy of this confidence


Professor: Ahmed El Khashab
(Professor in faculty of engineering,
Cairo University)

I have been dealing with Alpha Matar lifts company through a lot of years, and I have touched their dedication for introducing all new techniques and modern inventions in the world of elevators, therefore the managers in the company are always keen to be present in the international elevator's exhibitions, like those in Italy, Germany and the United States of America and others. Alpha Matar is well distinguished by-- other than being the authorized agent of Montanari in Egypt—that their machines pass through tests abroad, and receiving a certificate for being consistent with the European standards ( EN-81 ). Which guarantee to the users of Alpha Matar elevators safety and security.
So,I would like to advice those who wants to buy elevators to find out whether the company he/she is dealing with is authorized or not, to be sure that he/she will find the required parts, and that the machines will be manufactured according to the international standards, to guarantee the safety of the passengers. And looking for good prices only won’t do any good, because the price is inversely proportional to quality.


Professor: Ahmed Massoud
Professor in faculty of engineering, Zakazik university

In fact, I dealt with Alpha Matar few years ago, and what encouraged me to install one of their elevators in my house is their good reputation and what is being said about them, even from their competitors, regarding their permanent commitment. And when I dealt with them I found out how true the things I heard are, as they executed exactly what we agreed on with efficiency.
So,I am happy that I am dealing with them, especially after the dedication of the managers in the company I felt, and how they supervise the installation and maintenance processes, which guarantee, not only the quality of the installation, but also the quality of the maintenance and the services the client may need.