Important note: this tour includes only some of the important buildings. Not all our working history, because the previous 24 years couldnít be mentioned here, as it wonít be practical to mention it all. And we are not allowed to publish the pictures of the embassies and ministries buildings which we installed elevators for them.

Dahab towers in Helwan

It consists of four towers, we have installed eight elevators to serve one of the biggest commercial administrative residential buildings in Helwan-Cairo.

Nile high tower in Agouza

It consists of 18 floors, we have installed two elevators. And although the number of elevators is relatively small when compared to the number of floors, which is occupied with ambassadors, businessmen, and media people, our elevators are well admired because of the efficiency and quality of the maintenance systems we have, and the residents always praise our elevators.

Muhandess building in Marrioteya

It's a residential building consisting of 10 floors, we have installed 2 elevators with 4 passengers capacity, the cabin is covered from inside by stainless, with some light effects on the walls of the cabin, an advanced sound system, granite floors with semi automatic doors .

The Liver Center, one of Egypt's cultural edifices

We have installed an elevator for patients (bed elevator) with the capacity 800 kg, it transports daily more than 4500 patient to various floors.

Sphinx office building at Muhandessen

Our company has installed four elevators, one of them has machine chamber below ( in the basement ), and all the visitors of the building are witness of how precise and capable our maintenance systems are, with our enduring concern with beauty.

El-Hossan company main building

The elevator in this building posses both technical quality (microprocessor panels, automatic doors), and the fine design, as it was designed like a museum for various innovations, including the granite floor, the steel walls, the ceiling which combines in its beauty the simplicity of the view and lighting technique.

El Salam International Hospital in Muhandessen

We have installed dumb waiters 22 years ago and they are still working efficiently.

The villa of princess Nora, the sister of king Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Al Souad in Cairo.

Alpha Matar Co. has installed two elevators, one of them is personal for the princess which is characterized by complete safety, a car-lift which is designed in an oriental style, with unusual accessories that added elegance and splendor to the walls and ceiling that became a masterpiece, all that in complete and genius harmony.

We are always taking into consideration that the architecture of the elevators must show the value of interaction between the inside and outside, and consenting the needs of the residents.

Kidney Center ( Dr.professor Rashad Barsom )

Our elevators are servicing that vital location with high efficiency long years ago. And it is well known that the success of surgical operations depends on rapid response in emergency situations as well as surgical efficiency.

One of a marvelous collection of buildings in Maadi City, Alpha Matar is playing a splendid symphony, as we are always tacking into consideration the other needs of the building for electrical supply. Which gives freedom in applying the design.


The Abady building in New Nozha City - Cairo is wearing a new suit after the installation of our elevator there, which added splendid decoration to the main job in transporting residents, with the digital indicators, luminous buttons, marble floors, distinguished walls and the harmonious mirrors.