About Us

Alpha Matar is a pioneering company in the field of elevators and escalators in Egypt. We specialize in the supply, installation, and maintenance of elevators and escalators. It was established in 1979 with a workforce of over 250 engineers and technicians. We’ve been in business for more than 40 years, serving local and global industries. Alpha Matar is the sole agent for the Italian brand Montanari Giulio & C.

Why Alpha Matar?

We have a variety of interior designs and materials with the possibility of tailoring or customizing your own elevator based on the design and size of your shaft.

Our mission does not end at installation; we offer after-sales and 24/7 customer service operated by engineers and technicians.

We supply different types of elevators, from passenger elevators, panoramic, bed/hospital, freight, dumbwaiter, to home lifts.

Throughout our 42-year history, we have implemented more than 3850 projects, serviced 2100 clients, and offered 2,800 maintenance projects.

Our collection of designs has more than 80 cabins and 10 door designs.

We apply and supply not just elevators but escalators and moving walkways, as we manufacture cabins, car frames, and semi-automatic doors

Our factory is certified by EOS, Egyptian Quality by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, ISO 9001, and appreciation certificates from the largest consultants in Egypt like El Nemr and ACE (Moharram Bakhoum).

Our Process


Our company was founded to revolutionize the elevator industry in Egypt. We started with only 4 engineers and technicians as our team.


We expanded our team and hired experienced staff to become 50 engineers and technicians. We also collaborated with Baravia, the renowned Italian brand.


Our first workshop was established. We became the sole agent for one of the biggest manufacturers of machines and gearboxes in the world, Montanari Gulian, and C. Our team grew to become 90 employees.


On October 6th city, our workshop was transformed into a sizable factory. We brought C&C machines to grow into one of Egypt's largest lift manufacturers.
We strengthened our relationship with Montanari Gulian and C over time and eventually became their largest global agent. We hired over 250 employees. We supplied and installed premium elevators for some of the most well-known brands in the Egyptian market and globally.


Our goal is to become Egypt’s largest and most reliable lift provider, trusted by clients, contractors, and major projects. We aim to dominate the Middle East’s export market


Our mission is to establish credibility amongst our clients and the market. We are committed to our work and strive to please our customers.

Our Values

Its not about selling!

We don’t aim to sell but provide lifetime service.

We are different!

We are reshaping the traditional concept of cabins by offering unique interior designs.

We serve the community

We help the community by tailoring elevators that suit hospitals, factories, the disabled, and more.

Our Team

We operate a factory and an office of more than 250 employees. Our hiring process ensures that we work with the best calibers in the business from engineers, technicians, sales representatives, and financial experts to customer support professionals.
Our positive work environment and employee satisfaction standards resulted in happily working employees for more than 25 years.