Product Specifications

We tailor cabins that suit the tastes of our clients and passengers and integrate well with the overall design of the building. Our cabins are designed and manufactured in our EOS and ISO 9001 certified factories. Made with high-quality materials by the hands of experienced engineers and professional technicians. We offer more than 80 different designs that start from basic cabins to premium and more luxurious ones.

With Alpha Matar, you can customize the cabin’s size, ceiling, and flooring to suit your taste and preferences. Whether the overall design is modern, vintage, contemporary, or classic, we make sure that your cabin blends well with the building.

Related Products


Alpha Matar manufacture a lot of designs of Cabins, Semi Automatic Doors and Car Frames with European standards certified by Egyptian Quality Certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Industry ( EOS ) and Accreditation of the largest elevator consultants in Egypt ( ex. Moharram Bakhoum ACE, El Nemr Consultant Co. Eng. Yehia Ewis and many others )

Semi Automatic Doors

MATADOOR ( Semi Automatic Doors )

Our semi-automatic doors combine durability and reliability. They are manufactured and designed at our EOS and ISO 9001 certified factory. We offer more than 10 door designs to match the vibes of your building, from modern, vintage, contemporary, or classic designs.

Car Frames

Car Frames

Our car frames come in various designs for gearless, geared, and hydraulic elevators. They are made to cover all the market demands, ranging from basic home lifts to more advanced elevators, manufactured by experienced mechanics and engineers at our factory using high-quality, durable materials.